Top 6 Richest People Around The Globe

 Steve Ballmer is an American Businessman and investor or we can call him a real-time billionaire man. Born on 24th of march -1956, in Detroit city in Michigan, U.S. He worked as an executive officer at Microsoft from 2000 to 2014. Now, According to Forbes his net worth is 10,290 crores USD and He is 67 years old having the ambition of ranking at No.1 in the list of Richest People around the world in his heart. He did his education at Harvard University.  As we all know Microsoft is the world’s biggest and most famous company. So, Ballmer having the most stake in Microsoft led to Ballmer becoming the richest person in the world. More amazing content visit on our homepage Thealphahuman

Baller started his work at Microsoft in 1980. He was directly hired by Bill Gates. He left his MBA program at Stanford in the midst of this job. With his hard work and strong determination he became the president in 1988 and eventually became CEO of Microsoft on 13th January,2000 replacing Bill Gates. No wonder why he is in the list of richest people around the globe. 

His fortitude helped him in achieving the greatest achievement of his life. His legacy at Microsoft has received mixed reactions. Although the company gained many prosperous profits throughout its tenure, it failed in battling with the 21st century new technological trends.

Keeping aside his greatest achievement i.e. becoming CEO of the dominant organization i.e. Microsoft. He has also gained worldwide recognition as “The Knight of the Legion of Honour” by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He is also known as the second longest employee in Microsoft after Bill Gates himself.

All these awards, recognitions, achievements paved the way for him to be among the richest people on the Earth. 

One thing that has never left without putting stigma on an individual’s life especially in business magnets’ life is - Criticism. During his tenure at Microsoft many of the critics expressed their views that the company Microsoft is not growing because of its quality but because of gathering out small competitors from every corner by any means possible. That’s why after Baller joined Microsoft in 1980, the company had to face many legal actions in the 1990s. The company’s most critical charge was by the U.S. Justice Department's “Antitrust”. But even after all the serious accusations, Baller managed to secure the position of Gate’s company and thus resulted in putting it on the great lengths with himself securing the position of Richest Man around the globe……. Read More

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